Maths and Physics Competition at Yahya Kemal College 2018

On March 17, 2018, the annual Maths and Physics competition was held at the private college "Yahya Kemal"; 62 pupils from various primary schools in Skopje participated in the competition, among who were 3 pupils from MPS "Cyril and Methodius" - Stajkovci, along with their mentor, Gabriela Jordanov.

Our pupils achieved the following results:

1. Aleksandar Mitkoski (IX-2) - 2nd place (certificate)
2. Dijana Petrovska (IX-2) - 26th place (certificate of participation)
3. Maria Dimevska (IX-2) - 36th place (certificate of participation)

The pupil Aleksandar Mitkoski, as a runner-up, won a scholarship with 70% paid out of the entire annual expenses at the same school, i.e. 1910 euros, as well as a cash prize of 3000 denars, which was awarded to him after the completion of the competition.

Congratulations on the success achieved by all participants.