World Teachers' Day 2018

World Teachers' Day:

Zumba Class and Healthy Food Educational Workshop 

October 5th, or World Teachers' Day, was uncommonly marked this year in our school, promoting sport as a healthy lifestyle for every person, regardless of age.

All teachers from the central and sister schools took an active part in a zumba class, performing physical exercises with elements of dancing.

Teachers will also be able to introduce some of the zumba movements they learned during their Physical and Health Education classes, which will further increase the interest in sports among pupils.

Thanks to the zumba instructor, (@Zumba by Kate on Facebook), for the energy, motivation and inspiration provided, so that physical activity can become a part of everyone's life.

After the class, an educational workshop was held on the benefits of healthy food for the overall health of the body.

Great thanks to the renowned nutritionist, Cveta Dineva, who emphasized the exceptional importance of regular water intake for body hydration and for prevention of various diseases present today, as well as many other useful health tips that each of us should follow.

The Healthy Food project has been implemented for a number of years in our school within the curriculum.

Today's event had media coverage, as well, and the video can be viewed at the following YouTube link: