School Spelling Bee 2019

Throughout the school year, the fourth-grade pupils practised the skill of spelling various words - shorter, longer, familiar and unknown words, as well as words of their choice.

The final activity - School Spelling Bee - was held on 16.05.2019, at which a total of 18 pupils from both grades took part and achieved the following results:


Damjan Tanevski - 1st place

Mila Angelovska - 2nd place

Vlatko Georgievski - 3rd place


Aleksandar Dodevski - 1st place

Teofan Milkovski - 2nd place

Blagojche Velichkovski - 3rd place

Mentor: Emilija Naumovska

All participants received participation certificates, while the pupils who won the first three places received special certificates, symbolic medals and interesting books in English with various grammatical and communicative activities.