Project Dissemination and Teacher Training Session 2019

On 30.08.2019, within the framework of the Erasmus+ project Broken Family Children, the teachers from MPS “Cyril and Methodius” attended a one-hour dissemination for the realisation of the project so far, dedicated to strengthening the emotional and social development of children, as well as improving the success, behaviour and inclusion of pupils in the teaching process. 

Two project visits to Turkey and Poland have so far been realised, which will be followed by visits to Romania and Italy in the coming months.The final part of the project will be in our country.

The dissemination was realized by the teachers responsible: Biljana Arsova, Violeta Popovska, Emilija Naumovska, Elena Antonova and Marina Dimoska.

Following the dissemination, the school psychologist Elena Temelkoska held a 3-hour training entitled "Emotional Intelligence in Children", discussing the role of childhood and its events as a key factor in the development of emotional intelligence, which in turn directly influences the success of adults in life as a whole.