New Erasmus+ Project Notification 2019


Dear parents,

We are pleased to announce that our school has become a partner in a new international Erasmus+ project "EUROPE TAKES BREATH" in the following two years (2019-2021).
For this purpose, it was necessary to select sixth, seventh and eighth-grade pupils who will actively and committedly participate in the project's planned activities.
The project covers a seven day trip for each pupil in one of the partner-countries (Greece, Crete - November 2019, Spain - March 2020, Italy - March 2021 and Poland - May 2021).  Travel costs are covered by the project, and pupils will stay in the families of the pupils who are project participants. At the same time, our pupils will also need to provide accommodation to pupils from other countries in October 2020, when our school will be the host and pupils from the partner-countries will stay in our pupils' families.
The Pupil Exchange Selection Commission has decided to select pupils for the first two mobilities for Crete and Spain, in order to meet the pupil age criterion (12-14 years).  Given that the other two mobilities will be implemented in 2021, in order to give younger pupils the opportunity to travel to Italy and Poland, the Commission will make a choice in the next period, when they would have an accurate insight into how much  financial resources can be used and the maximum number of pupils that can be involved.
List of first-ranked pupils for the first two mobilities:
1. Teo Stamenkovski
2. Ilina Hristovska
3. Petar Spasovski
4. Mateja Gruevska

5. Luka Bojkovski
6. Eva Hristova
7. Luka Trajkovski
8. Jana Petrovska

The first four pupils travel to Crete, Greece in November 2019, and the next four in March 2020 to Spain.  The selection of pupils was made using a questionnaire according to the following criteria:
1. The pupil has a good command of the English language (in accordance with the pupil's age).
2. The pupil will actively participate in project activities for a period of two school years.
3. The pupil is independent and can reside and adjust to a family in another country.
4. The pupil is initiating, inventive and creative in the realization of project activities.
5. The pupil is exemplary, accomplished, and conscientious and will adequately represent their school and country through good behavior.
6. Our pupils' families can offer a decent and pleasant stay and care of a pupil from another country for 7 days.

Selection Commission: Biljana Arsova, Emilija Georgievska, Marina Jakovikj

School Principal: Anita Angelovska, M. A.