Visit of the Children's Writer Jadranka Klisarova 2019

On 05.12.2019, our school was visited by the writer Jadranka Klisarova. On this occasion, the third-grade pupils had the opportunity to get acquainted with the writer as a literary creator.

The writer presented the pupils with the way in which she creates her literary works and where the inspiration for the topics and motives of her work comes from. The pupils received the morals of the stories with admiration, which most often stem from the writer’s experience with pupils, being a I-V grade teacher herself. 

The pupils gladly exchanged their previous impressions and knowledge, specifically from the book "Children of My School", and asked questions about all the stories in it. The writer was very pleased to receive a book by the pupils themselves, as well as follow a quiz competition tailored according to her stories. 

At the end of the meeting, the pupils showed further interest in her literary work and inspiration as a writer and were satisfied with the answers they received.