New Year's Activities 2019

New Year's agenda at MPS "Cyril and Methodius" - a day filled with many activities and a positive atmosphere

Our youngest minds were welcomed by Santa, but before that they showed what they had learned in the first semester. And they have learned a lot. To the amazement of the audience, they gave a memorable performance and showed how much they had grown up in such a short time.

Commendation to the teachers and parents for all their care and dedication. The second-graders have solemnly joined the school library, with a New Year's play prepared by their older friends and the school librarian.

And us, the adults, with modest but convenient gifts, certificates, praise, and solutions, marked the end of the semester.  We made a retrospective of the work with guidance for the period to come.  We all have a common goal, which is to make our school a place where we will feel comfortable, preparing the next generations for the challenges of further education, and life, in general.